Spyware – No longer a threat?

In the days long gone by, if a company wants to collect your personal information through your PC it has to follow the illegal route. Spyware is secretly bundled in software that you want to install on your PC and the company hopes and prays we (people) download and install them. On top of that, they have to take care of all the lawsuits because of their illicit action.

Spyware is “tracking software” installed on your PC without your knowledge. Usually, they are used to track, monitor, and collect personal information. But now, if a company out there still relies on spyware to monitor user actions they have to be extremely foolish.

I am running a company and I want to collect your data? What can I do?

Simple: Just ask us and we will give it.

That is the current state of affairs on the Internet. We have grown into a generation that is willing to share anything publicly. This is an information age and we are willing to give out our valuable personal information so easily. Look at millions of profiles in Facebook and MySpace with all the personal data from addresses to hobbies. Google is willing to store any information you want to give up including your medical records.

When will hell break loose? Only time will tell.

In my opinion, before the end game some big corporations are going to play monopoly with our personal data.

On a final note, spyware will no longer be a threat, they will disappear sooner than later or at least start taking different forms and actions (such as destroying your PC).

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