Who would bail out your online storage?

In recent years several online storage sites have popped up like mushrooms after a spring rain. The question is not whom to trust, but why to trust? Banks that have been around almost a century, such as Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, have evaporated into thin air. Other banks that boasted tradition and security needed bail out funds provided by the tax payers. Ironic, since those banks were supposed to protect the taxpayers’ money. If this is the state of security and protection you receive for your hard-earned money, what sort of security do you think online services provide for your data?

That being said, the only use of an all online storage service should be to store information you don’t care enough about to back up.

If you are forced to use online storage for an easy way to share information, you don’t have to anymore. Tonido provides a secure way to share information from your own storage devices and computers.

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