Cloud Services can cure common cold now

In recent times, cloud services such as Google apps, Microsoft’s Live services and Adobe’s are touted as panacea for all your computing needs. If you allow it to work its magic  It can even cure common cloud :)… just kidding.  If you Google  “Live Entirely on Cloud” you will see blog posts explaining why it is so good to live completely on cloud. We have two words for you – “Be Cautious”.  One cannot completely rely on cloud for all your personal computing needs.

Apart from obvious drawbacks of cloud apps such as power and offline availability there are other important considerations one need to consider before moving everything to cloud.  Who owns your data? What will happen to your data  if the service provider shuts down its service?  What about privacy and security of your data?  Finally, Have you read the Terms  of Service agreement before clicking the accept button? These are some of the questions you should think about before jumping to cloud service bandwagon.

It is true that cloud services are good for certain needs but not for all your computing needs. The rat race to acquire  and control user’s data doesn’t bode well for common customer. Your personal freedom and privacy is at stake. In plain words,It is a virtual slavery in progress which says you put all your data in my servers,  we will take care of you ever. No, Thanks…  Personally I would never put my financial information, tax records, family photos, important documents,  projects and contacts in cloud. Call me paranoid. I prefer to have important data in my control rather than so called “do good” cloud service providers. The following cartoon from geekandpoke explains it all.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9

The fundamental motivating factor for us to create Tonido is that there should be an easy way for users to keep control over their data and at the same time should be able to enjoy the universal availability and rich feature set of cloud applications.

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