Tonido Jukebox – Listen to your music from anywhere via a web browser

After spending a bunch of posts talking about the overall Tonido concept, let us look at the applications that Tonido beta will ship with.

One application is Tonido Jukebox. Put simply, Tonido Jukebox is a music player that runs in your browser. It allows you to organize and listen to your personal mp3 collection from another machine via your intranet or from a remote computer via the internet.

  • Imagine your iTunes, Winamp, WMP based music libraries in your machine, but now accessible from anywhere via your web browser
  • Imagine being able to listen to your music from work, from your friends home, from your work laptop or from your mobile phone without having to copy or sync music to and and from your music player
  • Imagine having a single place to store all your playlists that are available from wherever you are
  • Imagine storing your music in one central location at home, and being able to listen to the music from all other devices
  • Imagine having no storage size limits to your portable music player
  • Imagine the ability to listen to your friends collection or letting him listen to yours
  • Imagine doing all this without uploading all your music to the ‘cloud’.

That is Tonido Jukebox. Your music follows you wherever you go.

Tonido JukeboxTonido Jukebox

So how does it work?

1) First add your collections. You can select and add your mp3 folders as collections into Tonido Jukebox. Adding the collection will index your mp3s by extracting the mp3 tags from your music files and storing it in the local Jukebox database.

Adding a Collection to the Jukebox

Adding a Collection to Tonido Jukebox

2) Browse your collections. Once you have added your collection you can browse your songs and folders as usual via the browser. The collection browser allows you to view album art if you have any.

3) Listen to your music. You can click on any song that is viewable in your albums to start playing it. The song will play using the embedded flash player in the browser.

Tonido Jukebox Player Controls

Tonido Jukebox Player Controls

That is pretty much it. Since all these actions happen from your browser, the process is the same whether you are using it from your machine, your intranet or the internet. And that is all you need to know if all you want to do is listen to your music collection. But it doesn’t stop there.

There is more to Tonido Jukebox if you are ready to explore. For example:

Tonido Jukebox supports playlists, both manual and automatic. Manual playlists work as usual, you can create an arbitary collection of songs.

Jukebox Playlists

Tonido Jukebox Manual Playlists

Automatic playlists create lists of songs based on criteria you specify: favorite songs, songs belonging to a specific genre and so on. See below for a automatic playlist setup screen.


Tonido Jukebox Auto Playlist

Tonido Jukebox can stream songs, so that you still can listen to mp3s over a slow internet connection. You can choose the stream quality level as well.


Tonido Jukebox Streaming Audio Quality Selection

Tonido Jukebox allows you to organize your music by allowing you to edit ID3 tags in your mp3s, directly and from your browser. Say you are listening to your music at work and see an incorrect ID3 tag, you can fix it right then and there. Take that iTunes!

And, say you don’t like the embedded music player, and you prefer to listen using an external player, Jukebox allows you to open the current song list as a .m3u extension in the player of your choice. So for example you can play your songs using VLC or any other player that supports playing music via HTTP URLs.

Tonido Jukebox not only helps you listen and enjoy your music collection, it helps you listen to your friends collection as well( if they share it with you). Tonido Jukebox allows them to setup user accounts and share specific playlists with you. Once you login using your user account, you can listen to songs from the playlists that have been shared with you. When you login this way, you get a simplified Tonido Jukebox user interface called the Mini Jukebox, which is a compact interface with fewer functions even suitable for mobile phones.

Ready to start listening? Sign up for the Tonido beta.

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