Tonido, a new genre of application that blurs the distinction between web and desktop

In day-to-day life, every computer user is exposed to two different types of applications, desktop and web applications.

Desktop applications are the ones which are available anytime offline and provide you with faster response and rich user experience. You can imagine a spreadsheet application to better understand what we are talking about here. A desktop application does not require a third party server to host your data. You have total control over your data and would not lose them unless you don’t backup your data regularly. But the problem with desktop applications are that they don’t provide universal access.

Web applications, on the other hand, are available online (only!) and  relatively they are less responsive due to the roundtrip between the client PC to the third party server. Your data is not totally under your control. Imagine uploading and sharing valuable information online and losing them when the service provider shuts shop.It’s not just about losing data, but it is also about compromising on the privacy of your data and storing your data in proprietary formats.

We, at Codelathe, came up with a product design that would combine the best features of both these worlds (desktop, web) and bring more value to the user. Tonido, a next gen software, is the result of our efforts in putting the design to work. Tonido provides an array of features including on/offline access, elimination of third party servers, equipping the user with a full control of his data and much more.

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To read more about Tonido, check out Tonido’s announcement.

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