That is one hot computer

No, I am not talking about looks.

My new PC build has been working well the last 5 months, handling everything I have been throwing it with ease. A few weeks back I upgraded to dual monitors and it was the first time I actually opened up my ATI Radeon’s 4850 Catalyst control panel in a while. And when I opened the over drive section, I was horrified to see the GPU temperature at a toasty warm 94 C. Note that is 94 C, not 94 F. That too with the GPU at idle. You might know that water boils at 100 C.

I thought something has changed since my build. I downgraded my ATI drivers, the Catalyst software, removed my second monitor, changed the case fan speeds and finally even tried updating my GPU bios. All to no avail.Then with the help of GPU-Z, I tried running a game that I had played before. Under load, the GPU temperatures ticked higher, up to a blistering 106 , before I chickened out and stopped playing.

That seems hot enough to fry a egg.

Google didnt turn up a lot of results for “4850 overheating” other than the fan mod hack. I considered RMA but the MSI customer site was failing to load. Finally, I found a couple of forum posts that talked about why 4850 temperatures could be rising over time.

The answer was simple. Dust Bunnies.

Ati 4850 overheating

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After taking out my card and cleaning with compressed air, I ran my tests. Idle was 60 C and load was about 80 C.

I will buy a stove, if I need one next time, not a video card. Thank you very much.

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