Youtube user demographics vs Face book user demographics

I recently compared the youtube user demographics with facebook user demographics (By age distribution).   35+ age category constitutes 42% of youtube users. At the same time, 35+ age category constitutes only 19% of facebook users. It seems like youtube attracts older crowd compared to facebook. If you keep the assumption that age 35+ group has more disposable income than the younger gen, companies are better off spending thier Ad dollars in youtube rather than facebook. It raises the question why age 35+ crowd is not interested in social networking sites as the younger crowd?

Is it because they view social networking sites are for young people? or is it because the older crowd doesn’t have time and they are more task oriented?  Is there an opportunity for building social networking  sites strictly for age 35+ and above. I am thinking loudly. Let me know your thoughts.

Youtube Age Demographics

Facebook Demographics - Distribution by Age

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