UI Annoyances – IE7

It is tremendously hard to design good UIs. It is an art, and no one knows exactly what ingredients go into the broth to make it tick.

On the other hand, everyone knows how to recognize bad UI design. Bad UI at best annoys you and and at worst makes you so frustrated that you mostly give up using the program even if it has other merits.

Here’s an annoyance in IE 7.


See the same browser window in









What is wrong with the three sections marked in red in IE7? Those buttons are the most often used functions in a browser. Any browser. See how the buttons are laid out in every other browser.

So what is the problem? These buttons are spread out completely in different sections of the browser. There is no rhyme or reason to it and it is baffling to me why this change was made. So whenever I browse in IE 7, I always struggle to figure out where those buttons are. I keep clicking the wrong places to do the things I have been used to doing in every other browser by the sheer force of habit.

The UI history of all browsers that have been released over time have pretty much standardized the location of these buttons. So the change in IE7 makes it harder to use.

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