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Tonido Workspace

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Tonido Workspace is a full fledged browser-based desktop Personal Information Manager (PIM) to store your contacts, calendars, tasks and even files.


Browser based PIM on your Desktop

  Microsoft Groove 37signals Backpack Tonido Workspace
File Sharing, To Do's, Calendar, Notes, Discussion Forum and Chat Yes Yes Yes
Works across Multiple OS Windows only Yes Yes (Supports Windows, Linux & Mac)
Storage Limit Unlimited Basic - 4 GB
Pro - 20 GB
Available Offline and Online Yes No (Available only online) Yes
Access via browser No Yes Yes
Setup Complex Easy Easy
Privacy of your data Yes No (Third party server) Yes

Tonido Workspace is a full fledged browser-based desktop Personal Information Manager (PIM) to store your contacts, calendars, tasks and even files.

In addition, Tonido Workspace (compare to Microsoft Groove) allows you to setup a collaborative workspace in a matter of seconds to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, calendars and ideas with anyone across the world. To access the workspace all they need is the web browser.

Tonido Workspace is FREE for personal use and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

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Personal Information Manager (PIM)

To Do's, Notes, Calendar & Contacts

Organize and manage your to do lists, notes, schedules, contacts and files with few clicks.

Want to create one workspace for you, one for your family and one for your office team? No problem. Tonido workspace allows you to create unlimited number of workspaces.

Tonido workspace's intuitive design and ease of use helps you to save time and increase your productivity.


Group Collaboration

Tonido Workspace provides several ways for teams to work together effectively across organization boundaries: Tasks, Notes, Group Calendar, Forum and Chat.

For example, Tonido Workspace allows you to start a discussion on your company's upcoming product launch with your partners and vendors wherever they might be located. It helps you to centralize your discussions in one place instead of sending emails to and fro.

Is your team spread across 5 continents and use different OS's (Windows, Mac and Linux)? No problem. Tonido workspace brings your team, tools, documents and ideas together in one place.


Zero Setup

Setting up a collaborative workspace with Tonido Workspace is easy. You don't need to be a computer expert to do that.

Tonido Workspace's easy setup allows professionals like lawyers, accountants, estate planners and small business owners to communicate with their clients easily and securely.


Unlimited File Sharing

Tonido Workspace has no limits on file sizes or number of files you can share with your group members.

If you want to share your class notes and presentations with your fellow students or if you want to share large product demo videos, podcasts and high resolution pictures with your customers, Tonido Workspace can help you to sync and share your files quickly.


Work Online and Offline

With Tonido Workspace it doesn't matter whether you are connected to the internet or not. Your data is right on your computer and always within your reach.

If you are in a job involving frequent air travel, road trips, customers visits and need access to your important data 24/7, life gets easier for you with Tonido Workspace. It allows you to work from your office, home, at a customer site, on the road or even on a flight.


Access Remotely

Tonido workspace acts like a web application. This means that you can access your data from any device which has a web browser.

For instance, Tonido Workspace allows you to access your workspaces remotely from an iPhone or an Android phone.


Data Privacy

Unlike web based collaborative applications, Tonido Workspace stores your data right on your own computer. So you no longer need to worry about the privacy and safety of your information. Your data is neither transmitted to nor monitored by us.

Data communications between Tonido workspace group members is encrypted by secure algorithms (AES 256). Your communications are completely safe from eavesdropping and tampering. Tonido Workspace is the solution for distributed or mobile teams working collaboratively with sensitive, proprietary or confidential information.