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Tonido Windows Phone Application

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Tonido Windows Phone application allows you to access and download files, folders, music and photos from your home computer.

Install the app from the Windows Phone Marketplace


Browse your files and folders from Windows Phone Smartphones

Browse your folders and files in your PC, Mac, Linux Computers from everywhere using Windows Phone Smartphones.


Access your media remotely

Access your photos remotely and continously play the songs in a folder.



Open Documents

Open Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. You have option to save the file using the app that opened the file. e.g When you open a file word document, you have an option to save the file using the Windows Office App. Later, you can access the saved word doc, by opening the Windows Office app.


Download Media Files and Play Offline

Download media files locally to your Windows Phone 7 phone and open it using Tonido App.