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Tonido Torrent

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Tonido Torrent is a web-based bittorrent client that allows you to manage your bit torrent file transfers from any device with a browser.


Manage your Torrent downloads from anywhere !

With Tonido Torrent, it is very easy to manage your bit torrent fil transfers. With the optional Firefox plugin, starting a Torrent is as easy as clicking few buttons from any remote location!


Start Torrent from any location

Compared to desktop torrent clients Tonido torrent allows you to start and stop your torrent download from remote location. Simply, upload your torrent file or provide your torrent URL to start the torrent.


Manage Torrent from any location

Tonido Torrent allows you to start, stop, delete torrent from any location using the web based interface that you are familiar with.

Network bandwidth can be set for the entire applicaion or per torrent.


Download completed files via http

Completed torrent files can be downloaded instantly from any location using the web based interface.


Tonido Torrents Firefox Plugin

If you use Firefox, you can use TonidoTorrents Firefox plugin to easily upload torrent files from web pages when you are browsing.

Step 1:

Install the Firefox plugin, set the URL of your Tonido in the options, then continue browsing as usual. Make sure you have logged into your Tonido session first.

torrent step 1

Step 2:

When you download a torrent file, a dialog box will be displayed to send the file to Tonido Torrents instead of saving.

If you accept the dialog box, then the torrent file will be sent Tonido Torrent and download will be started.

torrent step 2