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Tonido OpenID

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allows you to use your Tonido URL as an OpenID.


Truly Decentralized Identity Management

Tonido OpenID allows you use your Tonido URL as an OpenID.Tonido OpenID is unique in the sense that it is a truly a decentralized and private OpenID provider.

What it means is that Tonido OpenID does not use any third party server to manage your identity. You provide your own identity.


Gain Greater Control Over Your Online Identity

OpenID is a portable identity that can be used everywhere without having to reveal personal details like your email address.

This allows privacy and greater freedom without giving websites the ability to track and monitor your activities.


Accelerate Sign Up Process at Your Favorite Websites

Cut down on the laborious sign up process to use a website or service. Sign up quickly and painlessly using your OpenID.


Reduce Frustration Associated with Maintaining Multiple Usernames and Passwords

Using too many IDs on too many websites leads to problems remembering all those user names or passwords.

Tonido OpenID requires to remember only your URL and your Tonido Profile login password


Minimize Password Security Risks

With too many passwords, it is likely that users will reuse the same password on multiple sites. If there is a security compromise on one, it can lead to vulnerabilities on other sites where the same password was used.

Mitigate that by using a single strong password which cannot be compromised because of a security issue in one website.