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Tonido Jukebox

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You no longer need to carry your music with you! Using Tonido Jukebox, you can stream music(MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, OGG, M4A) from your computer to any PC or a Smartphone. Your music follows you wherever you go.


Access your music through a web browser

Tonido Jukebox allows you to organize, search and tag your entire music collection (MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, OGG, M4A) via the web browser from anywhere.


Listen to your music inside or outside your home

If you have multiple PCs in your home, you can store your music files in one machine and access and listen from any computer. You can finally avoid copying music to each computer.

And it still works if you are outside your home, at a cafe, at home or at a friend's place. Simply open the browser, type your Tonido URL and access your music.


Share your music collection with your friends or family

Create guest users and give them access to your full music collection. They can listen to any song in your collection by streaming it through the web browser, they don't need to download anything first.


Organize your music collection

Tonido Jukebox will scan your music folders and create a database of your entire music collection that is accessible from anywhere. Jukebox can scan MP3 tags embedded within your songs to make searching for files easy. Album art is picked up from the folder and shown as a thumbnail image for that folder.

You can rate your favorite songs so you can filter these songs for playback.

You can also edit MP3 tags to make your songs searchable or to fix missing or incorrect information.


Create Custom PlayLists

Create playlists and drag-and-drop music files to those playlists, so you can customize the type of songs you want to listen to.


Listen to your music on an iPhone

You can listen to all your playlists setup in your Jukebox from an iPhone.