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Tonido Explorer

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Tonido Explorer is a web-based file browser application that enables you to browse, manage and download any file in your home computer from any remote machine (or smart phone).


Browse all your files and drives

Browse all your files as you would normally do in Windows Explorer/Finder/Nautilus.


No Limits. Access All Your Files

Unlike public cloud services, you are not limited to the files that you have uploaded. You have access to all your files through Tonido's custom URL "". You can use the url in a standard browser from your smart phone or any computer.


Upload, Download or Delete

Tonido Explorer provides all the regular functions of a file explorer such as copy, move, upload, delete files or create a new folder.


Share Effortlessly

Share any file or folder instantly from the explorer interface to get a URL to share with anyone.


iPhone Access

Explore, Browse and Share Files from an iPhone specific interface.