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Tonido Drive


TonidoDrive allows to access your remote Tonido server as a network drive on your Windows based PC.


Your Personal Cloud Drive

Access your Tonido server files like you would access any other files your hard disk on your Windows based PC.

TonidoDrive is fully secure and is built using a robust Windows filesystem driver so you can access your files with confidence.


  • TonidoDrive can be installed on Window XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • TonidoDrive operates seamlessly with Tonido Security, including Folder access restrictions
  • TonidoDrive can expose any Tonido server enabled computer (Windows, Linux, MacOS) or TonidoPlug as a Windows network drive
  • TonidoDrive will automatically use local LAN IP to access Tonido enabled device to optimize access speeds
  • TonidoDrive is built on a robust Windows file system driver that is known for its reliability and security

Access your Tonido server as if it is a network drive


Simple to Setup

To setup TonidoDrive on your Windows PC, you just need to type in the URL to your remote Tonido server, account name and password.


Control your TonidoDrive

Easily control your TonidoDrive from Windows system tray menu.


TonidoDrive for Windows