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Tonido Blackberry® PlayBook™ Application

Developed by Third Party

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Access media on your Tonido personal cloud from anywhere with a WiFi internet connection. Play your music, watch your videos, or browse your photos without filling up your Playbook storage. If you store your iTunes files on your Tonido, you can even import and play iTunes playlists.

Install the app from the Blackberry app store

  • OS2.0.0 or newer
  • Price$
  • How ToManual

Browse your files and folders from Tonido Blackberry® PlayBook™

Browse your folders and files in your PC, Mac, Linux Computers from everywhere using Tonido Blackberry® PlayBook™.


View photo gallery, play music and videos

Tonido Blackberry® PlayBook™ application allows you to view photos as gallery, play your iTunes playlist, listen to your music, watch videos and much more...


Share files and folders Effortlessly

Share any file or folder in your home computer instantly and email the share out to your friends and family.