Tech Tip: Capturing Screenshot and Sharing easily with Tonido.

Step 1:  Install Screenshare App from Applications in Tonido.

Step 2: On Successful installation, you should be able to see this.

Step3 : Goto to Manage tab in Applications. You will see that the Screenshare app is Suspended. All you have to do is, click on it and resume.

Step 4: So, now you are ready to Capture a Screenshot and Share it easily.

i. Alt+Ctrl+PrintScreen to capture Screenshot.

ii. Tonido  1-Click Share dialog box will Open with a URL in it, Share the URL to share  the  Screenshot.

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Tonido v4.79.0.26297 Available Now

A new update for Tonido Desktop on Windows, Mac, Linux and TonidoPlug is available now.

This has a single critical fix for the issue where private shared files cannot be downloaded by guest users.


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All you need to do is,

1. Click on the item(File/Folder) which you need to share.   

2. Click on the “Advanced Options”.


3. In the Manage Share Dialog that appears, Click on “Expires” under Expires Section. Pick a date.

4.Click on “Update”.

Thats it! Your share will be now valid only till the expiry date! Once the Expiry date has reached the share URL becomes invalid.

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Tonido and FileCloud Windows Phone 8 App in Beta

We are pleased to announce the beta of our fully redesigned Windows Phone 8 app for Tonido and FileCloud.

Some of the features are

1. Built from ground up to take advantage of Windows 8 facilities

2. Modern UI to improve user experience

3. Full support for Tonido’s indexing features such as access Music, Photos and Video library

4. Supports mulitple accounts similar to the iOS and Android Application


This is your chance to get a preview as well as provide feedback. Here is how.

If you have a windows 8 phone and would like to take part in the beta,  Please send your microsoft email id to support @ with the subject “Windows Phone 8 App Beta”  and we will provide beta access to the app.


Here are some of the screenshots of the application





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Tech Tip :- Restrict folders for Tonido Remote access

Tonido by default shows all your files in your computer or device.

To restrict access to only a few folders that you wish to show remotely, you can follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings Tab and then Misc, Scroll down to find Allowed Folders.

2.First you want to select the folder, that you wish to show remotely. After adding click on check-box to enable access to only selected Folders.

3.If you want to allow multiple folders, then you should disable the check-box, add the folders required and then re-enable the check-box.

4.The added “allowed folder” can also be deleted.

**Note:- If you do not select any folder and enable the check-box, then no files will be shown.

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Announcing FileCloud 5.0 – Network Folder Sync, Endpoint Backup, Openstack and more

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of FileCloud 5.0.

FileCloud 5.0 is a landmark release which brings unprecedented power and features to make FileCloud the best Private Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Solution available in the market today.



Here are the major highlights:

Network Folder Offline Access

Previous to FileCloud 5.0, it was not possible to make Network Folders available offline for editing (for example: Managed Storage Synced Files). Now in FileCloud 5.0, we are now supporting the ability to make network folders available offline locally for employees to use when offline. They can edit and modify files and they can then synchronize the files back the Network Folders when online.

Endpoint Backup

FileCloud 5.0 also introduces the ability to backup employee’s data in arbitrary folders on computers  running Windows, Mac or Linux to FileCloud for safekeeping.
Folders selected for backup are automatically backed up on a schedule selected by the user.

Sync App Improvements

There are many significant sync app improvements including key usability fixes in Windows where icon overlays are used to indicate the sync status of files directly in Windows Explorer.

There is also a status window, that shows the synchronization status clearly and unambiguously. This is useful especially if you are synchronizing large datasets and want to track the progress of the sync.


OpenStack Support

The OpenStack Object Store, known as Swift, offers cloud storage software so that you can store and retrieve lots of data with a simple API. It’s built for scale and optimized for durability, availability, and concurrency across the entire data set. FileCloud 5.0 allows using OpenStack Swift as a storage backend instead of using traditional disk storage. This allows building very large storage solutions at the fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise systems.


iOS Media Backup

Endpoint backup is not limited only to Desktops.
The new FileCloud iOS app allows employees to automatically backup their media files (photos and videos) directly to FileCloud.


We are continuing in our quest to make Tonido FileCloud the best Private Enterprise Cloud solution in the market. We believe FileCloud 5.0 is a major landmark release in that quest and augurs well for the future.

Read the full releases notes for list of all changes.

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Using Facebook Graph Search through Python

A few years ago, Facebook deprecated its restful API and introduced the new Graph API. The new Graph API was launch after years of hard work, as Facebook engineers tried to bring in all the features of the existing API and promised to bring in more. There are different languages through which you can access Facebook graph search, but for this post, we will concentrate on using the Python version.

The OAuth Access Token

Every request in the Facebook Graph API is to be authenticated through a token, which is generated for every user uniquely, identifying the user and the application which was used to generate the token. The reason an application is associated with the token is to manage the permissions that the token should have. You can generate your token through some application or very easily from the Graph API Explorer. You need to specify what permissions you want to give to the token, and then generate a token. (more…)

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5 Best Free Text Editors for System Admins

As a system administrator, you are responsible to make sure everything in your network is up and running. That means that running commands on the terminal is just not enough and changing configuration files or making small scripts to do certain tasks are also an important part of the job. In such a situation, you must have a text editor that you are very comfortable with and lets you get things done quickly and efficiently. Here is a roundup of the text editors that are the most popular. (more…)

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Backup your data using FileCloudSync ( Beginning with FileCloud 5.0 )

All you have to do is

  1. Right click FileCloud Sync app and click on “More Options”
  2. Select “Backup And Other Settings”
  3. In the “Settings” window that appears , click on “Backup”.
  4. Add Folder that  you need to backup by clicking on “Add Backup Folder”



Once you have added the folder that you need to backup, you can set the schedule for backup. To achieve this, Select a mode from the “Schedule” dropdown

 Your data is now backed up to the folder “Backups” in the FileCloud Server





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Tech Tip: Sharing Pictures, Music, Videos and Documents from your computer via Facebook

Sharing  Pictures, Music, Video and Documents via Facebook:

Simple and easy way to share files and folder in facebook:

1. Click on the file you want to share. A small panel will open to your right and hit share in that panel


2. Go to Advanced Options.


3. Right above you will see Facebook icon. Click on it and Share via Facebook.


Sharing Vacation pics folder in a single link.


Now you can share this link on your timeline or send a private message to your friend.

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