Tonido build and test HW

One of the challenges we have at CodeLathe is making sure Tonido builds/runs on all 4 OSes(Windows, Mac, Linux + Tonido Plug) without problems. And we have to keep verifying that things are not broken as we do development. So I thought I would talk a little bit about the continuous integration process we have for Tonido as well as the testing infrastructure. Maybe this would help you in your next project.


Here’s our HW setup:

Quad Core Ubuntu Server running 8.04 Hardy Heron

  • Subversion repository for version control
  • Trac for internal wiki
  • RT for bug tracking and customer feedback

Quad Core Ubuntu Server running 8.04 Hardy Heron

  • Hudson – Build System (controls all the VMs as a master-slave configuration)
    • Builds every night or on a as needed basis
    • One click build process spits out release packages once it is done
    • One click promotion promotes a Tonido build to our QA staging area for internal testing
    • One click promotion promotes a Tonido build to release
  • Ubuntu 8.04 desktop VM builds source for Linux
  • Windows XP Pro VM builds source for Windows and runs our Perl based System tests
  • Ubuntu 8.04 desktop VM runs Perl based System tests

    Mac Mini 1.8 GHz

    • Builds mac source code controlled by Hudson (It would have been nice if we were allowed to run Mac OS X as a guest in a VM)

    Test Machines

    Many of these machines are grouped using Tonido P2P groups.

    They are also located/distributed geographically with different router configurations etc, This is especially important because we need to verify NAT traversal when using the Tonido Network.

    • 4 Dual Core Windows Vista Ultimate Machine running Tonido 24/7
    • 2 Mac Minis 1.8 GHz Runs Tonido 24/7
    • 1 Quad Core Windows XP Pro Machine running Tonido 24/7
    • 1 Dual Core Windows Vista 64 bit Premium running Tonido 24/7
    • 1 Ubuntu 8.04 Linux VM running Tonido 24/7

    In addition to all these machines, there are about 5 TonidoPlugs that are running Tonido 24/7. We expect more plugs to be online once we wrap up development and start our testing phase on the plugs.

    Our biggest headache is keeping all those passwords straight. :-)

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    Tonido Release Notes – v

    As part of our v release, we released some most requested features such as Tonido Workpsace iCal import & Public Calendar, along with the flagship application of this release our new Tonido Search Plugin.

    - Tonido Search Plugin: Search and download from your home computer from anywhere.


    - Backup of Tonido profile data via UI: Now with a easy to use wizard, you can backup your Tonido data.


    - URL for public view of one’s calendar: Share the URL with your friends and family so that they could view your calendar.


    - Workspace now has reminders for Calendar events


    - iCal import for calendar from other sources into Tonido Workspace: Import all your calendars from other online applications into your Tonido Workspace.


    - Latvian Translation: With a help of one of  Tonido’s avid user, we were able to release Tonido with Latvian translation. In addition, we have added translation support for Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, German, French & Italian.


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    Pronouncing Tonido


    Tonido is pronounced Toe-nee-doe.

    Hear the attached mp3 sound clip.
    How to Say Tonido

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    Announcing Tonido Search: Search your computer from anywhere

    Tonido Search is a simple, easy-to-use Tonido application that enables to search your computer for files and folders from anywhere through a web browser.


    To start a search, simply enter a keyword and click search. The default search is performed against your “My Documents” folder.

    Advanced Search:

    Use advanced search option to

    • Search in a specific location.
    • Search between specific dates when the file or folder was modified.
    • Specify a file size to search.

    The search results are displayed as the results are found. The search results will match any file or folder that matches the keyword in the name. The search progress is displayed dynamically through the search statistics.


    Download Files

    The files from the search results can be clicked to download the file. The folders are given the option to drill down.


    Future Enhancements

    There are many features that can be added to the search plugin such as searching for text within file contents, searching across all computers in a Tonido group etc. However, we would like to get user feedback and let that guide us toward providing more advanced search capability.

    Tonido Search is now available for download in the latest Tonido release. (May 7th).

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    Tonido on the Chris Pirillo Show

    Chris Pirillo hosts videos on several internet sites, including CNN, YouTube,, and his own website.

    He talks about Tonido in his videocast.

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    Does free mean you cannot complain?

    A recent blog post about Twitter losing tweets drew a lot of ire and flak from various people around the ‘net.

    Here’s a typical reaction:

    whaa whaa whaaa!

    it’s a free service. stop complaining about a freakin’ free service.

    There were even wilder reactions. The post + comments disappeared from public view in Hacker News. Did someone think we were trolling?

    Why exactly is that?

    Does Free mean you cannot complain anymore?

    In today’s computing world, most online services/apps are free. Put simply, users get what they want, while companies monetize the popularity. Simple relationship.

    But now, there appears to be a tribe of people bearing arms, bludgeoning anyone who dares to speak out about lousy service quality, bad uptime, bad customer support etc all under the blanket “Its free, what you got to complain about”.

    What happens if Google stops showing search results for companies and products they don’t like. It is a free service, no one can complain, but you bet that those companies are going to die pretty soon.

    Or what happens if Gmail loses all your incoming emails and you learn about it a couple of months later. No big deal if you are Grandma. Pretty big deal if you run a small business using Google Domains. (Which is free btw)

    Or what happens if Google Docs swallows many of your documents ?

    Maybe you will say, “Its a free service. Stop complaining”

    or maybe not.

    If the knee-jerk reaction to criticism and complaints is to shush them under blanket nonsensical rhetoric, then it is not much different from strong arming tactics like this.

    The only recourse a ordinary customer is to complain loud and clear..

    When enough people complain, companies do sit up and listen. Without those checks and balances, things break down. Products and companies never improve, because they never get complaints..Everything is rosy.

    With Tonido, we are not only spouting philosophy but trying to implement it. Some of the best insightful feedback we have got about Tonido has come from people who told us why Tonido sucks.

    So Tonido users make some noise. We are listening.

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    He who controls your information controls your destiny

    Yes. It is true. This statement is the fundamental philosophy that guided us to create Tonido.  We have released Tonido beta approximately a month ago. Lot of things happened since then. It is time for introspection for us and also inform our users what exciting things we are working on currently and what to expect from us in near future.

    First, The single most fear that we had before releasing Tonido is whether users will understand the  Tonido’s concept , cherish the freedom and independence it offers. That fear is gone now. We have got an overwhelming support for our beta. Users liked the ethos and the principles Tonido stands for. It is a big victory for us. Now it is time for us to concentrate on spreading Tonido and increase the traction to mainstream users. For that we depend on you totally. We request you to give us a chance by spreading Tonido’s message of online freedom and privacy to your friends and family members.

    We have had our own share of criticisms. On such criticism is that we emphasize on third party online services shutting down their offerings and leaving users in disarray. Another one is that our statement – “few companies monopolizing everybody’s information”.  Let me make ourselves clear here . We are not against third party servers or cloud services. But our stand is that personal information and private data is better off in your control and in your own computing devices rather than third party servers. What we try to provide our users are priceless freedom and complete control over their data.It is a irrefutable fact that few companies control everybody’s information. It is a fact that every year we see number of  web 2.0 services shutting down their businesses. So while we acknowledge the criticisms we stand by our message. We feel that the message is just and fair.

    We are living in an era where change is in every sphere of public activity whether it is politics, business or society.  We are moving from wasteful energy spending to energy conservation, from corporate farms to community farms, from dependency to self sufficiency. Yes the change is in the air. The metamorphosis is happening in every industry whether it is manufacturing, financial or auto sector. But ironically not in the information industry where consumer internet services and personal information are monopolized by few entities. The information monopolies have serious impacts on how society thinks, acts and decides. Moreover it concentrates enormous power with a few profit seeking entities. It doesn’t bode well for the healthy future of our society.

    Tonido’s mission -” Empower customers in a connected world” – is not an easy task. We are challenging the status quo. We are trying to change the rules of the game.  We cannot do it alone. As a society each and everyone of us has personal stakes in challenging the information monopoly and bringing our data back to our control, where it rightfully belongs. We need your support to achieve that noble goal. To make your life easier, we are working on some interesting products and applications that will help you to make your switch from third party servers to Tonido.

    Tonido SDK

    Expect a Tonido SDK release in couple of months. Tonido SDK will help developer community to create  applications on top of open Tonido Platform. First of all our hearty thanks to 40 some developers who signed up for Tonido development mailing list. Now users will have more choice and variety of applications for their varied needs. Also, developers get a cross platform capability that can run application on all the three major OS’es and at the same time frees user from data or vendor lock in. If you are interested in joining Tonido Developer community please subscribe to our mailing list at

    Tonido Plug

    One drawback that people mentioned about Tonido is that one need to keep their desktop or laptop running 24/7  to access it. Tonido Plug is a perfect solution for the problem.Tonido Plug is a small, low power, low cost home server that allows you to access your apps, files, music and media from anywhere.This green computer consumes 1/10 th of your desktop’s power consumption and available for sub $100 price tag. It has no moving parts and  extremely durable and secure. We will be shortly taking pre-orders for Tonido Plug at

    Tonido for Business

    We are also currently working on few applications targeted towards small businesses and enterprises. Pro versions of Tonido workspace and webshare are also on the works.

    Tonido for Masses

    We are going to release two interesting and useful applications on top of Tonido platform for our regular users shortly.

    Tonido Torrent – Web based torrent client that you can use to start and stop torrent from anywhere. Combine Tonido torrent with your Tonido plug you get a low cost torrent server for sub $100. Life can’t get better than that :) .

    Tonido Search – A desktop search application that allows you to search files in your desktop or home server from anywhere.

    As you see a lot of interesting things happening around Tonido. We hope that year 2009 will be an eventful year for Tonido team and its users. With your continued support we also hope to become sustainable by the year end with or without external funding.

    Finally, remember the saying -  “He who controls your information controls your destiny“. At Tonido, we want that he to be “YOU”, not a third party online service provider.

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    Brand Awareness and Perception

    Awareness and Perception are the two key metrics that any company would use to measure their brand strength.

    Awareness in simple terms - how many people know my brand? Usually, awareness is measured through surveys that asks participants a series of questions like “What brand comes to your mind if you want to buy shoes? In general, companies measure unaided awareness- what % of survey participants mentioned the brand without any kind of hint.  For top brands like Coke, McDonalds the awareness will be close to 100%.

    Perception is the values consumers attach to a brand.  For example, perception for Volvo will be safety.  To measure perception of a car company, survey will have questions like “How do you rank car brands in terms of safety? And various questions will be asked on quality, performance, or green. Outcome of the survey reveal the brand perception. List of questions depends on what is goal for the brand and how you want customers to think of your brand.

    Studies have shown that awareness and perception plays a big role in the market share of a product. What is important? Awareness or perception?  For a growing company (trend) like Twitter, awareness would be the prime driver to grow the product usage. As more people are aware of micro blogging and Twitter, more people would use Twitter. Hence % of awareness level would decide Twitter’s growth and penetration among online population. On the other hand, for a mature business segment like ’cars’, awareness may not be the major driver of market share. Close to 100% of people might be aware of Pontiac but many would not buy Pontiac cars. Hence perception matters the most for Pontiac. Not only the stage of company and industry, other factors such as type of product, level of competition, switching cost, risk of switching also drive the importance of awareness vs. perception.

    Generally, it takes at least frequency of 5-6 ads through various mass media to gain 1% increase in awareness among population. Cost for such a campaign will be close to $100M. Since consumers are constantly bombarded with huge number of ads, new products and brands, cost for gaining awareness is constantly going up. Given the high cost involved in conventional mass media, small startups leverage non conventional and inexpensive media like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and Youtube to generate brand awareness and perception. Most importantly, companies leverage current user base to generate awareness and perception. Facebook and Twitter effectively used their user base to increase awareness. Services like Facebook  are useful to consumers only when more people use the service. Hence users inherently have an incentive to popularize the service. For any company to be successful in the future, its product or service should have some way to provide an incentive for the users to recommend the product to others.

    Couple of decades ago, building a brand like Twitter or Facebook would have required multibillion dollar investments. However, these brands were built with faction of the cost by aligning user incentive correctly and leveraging the users.

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    Having Your Cake and Eating It Too


    Web apps are desperately trying to leverage the full power of the desktop. We had JS, Flash, Silverlight, all technologies that run locally on the client while still keeping your data on the server.

    Here’s one more from Google called Google Native Client (NaCl). This is a browser plugin that allows websites to run full blown native apps on your PC through your desktop. Apps are written in C++, but have several restrictions on what they can or cannot do.

    It does sound interesting and very cool (especially the C++ part), but here’s the real question. Web apps do want to use your bandwidth and now do want to use your computing power, but why don’t they want to give up control over the data? There seems to be an unhealthy interest in centralizing the data while not centralizing the computing resources.

    For all intents and purposes, the direction of some of these technologies seems to indicate that we soon will have apps that will be downloaded Just-In-Time and run on your computer when you open the website in a browser.

    But wait a sec, I thought these were called Java Applets. :-)

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    Announcing Tonido Plug – small, low power, low cost Home Server

    CodeLathe is proud to announce the launch of Tonido Plug – small, low power, low cost home server for public . Tonido  Plug will be available for pre-order shortly at Tonido Plug’s website.

    tonido_plugWhat is Tonido Plug?

    Tonido Plug is a small form factor computer (size of a power adapter)  based on a powerful 1.2 GHz Sheeva processor. Tonido Plug  consumes less than  5W power consumption on average and one can run a Tonido Plug 24/7. Tonido Plug comes with a  Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 connector.  Connect your Tonido Plug to an external USB hard drive and to your home router you instantly get a low cost, low power home server for less than 100$. Tonido Plug comes pre-installed with all your favorite Tonido Applications – Photos, JukeBox, Webshare and Workspace, Thots all running on embedded Ubuntu Jaunty Linux OS. Tonido Plug allows you to access your Tonido apps, files , music and media from anywhere – Intranet and Internet. For more info on Tonido Plug please check out

    Technical Specifications

    • 1.2 GHz  Sheeva Processor, ARM compliant
    • 512MB Flash
    • 512MB DDR2
    • USB 2.0 and Gigabit  Ethernet
    • Power input: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz 19WDC Consumption: 5V/3.0A

    What is Tonido?

    Tonido is an extensible and open (available under GPL and commercial licenses) platform that allows you to run your own personal web applications on your desktop and form your own private Tonido network. Applications and data are always local.Since Tonido is extensible, you choose the applications that you want to install and run. Current applications include a browser-based personal information manager (PIM) , a browser-based media player, a direct Tonido-to-Tonido photo sharing app, a personal blog and note keeping app and an application to share any desktop folder directly to the web. For more info on Tonido please checkout

    How does Tonido Plug work?

    Step 1: Connect Tonido Plug to your home router and to any external USB hard drive.

    Step 2: Connect Tonido Plug to power socket.

    Step 3: Connect to Tonido Plug from any device with a web browser using Tonido Plug’s local IP address and create a Tonido Profile.

    Step 4: Access your Tonido Apps, files, music and media from anywhere using your Tonido URL (

    That is it. You are done.

    Who can use Tonido Plug?

    Tonido Plug is ideal for homes and small businesses looking for an inexpensive home server or network attached storage. With Tonido Plug you can have your own reliable storage at a fraction of cost of your on line backup service providers while providing 24/7 access to your files from anywhere : intranet and internet.  With Tonido Plug, your data never flows through a third party server or storage which offers complete privacy and absolute control over your private data.

    When Tonido Plug will be available?

    Tonido Plug will be available for pre-order shortly. Once you pre-order Tonido Plug you will get your device approximately within 4 – 6 weeks. For initial few orders we are offering  Tonido Plug for a special introductory price of $89.99.

    Where can I pre-order Tonido Plug?

    You can pre-order Tonido Plug at

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