Tech Tip : How to change music quality when streaming music in Tonido.

1. Select a Song, Tap on it and Play, It starts playing in Tonido Player.
2. On the top right of player you will find 4 icons, 2nd icon with help you change the quality while the music is being streamed.


3. Click on the icon and select as you need. And the Quality of the Music is Changed!.


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Tech Tip : Share your Files/Folders using Tonido Android app

All you have to do is, 1. Select the file/folder you need to share. 2. Click on the options button that appears at the top right corner. 3. Click on “Share Folder”.   1 4. Click OK 2 5. Click on any one of the installed app . This will redirect you to the app. You can thereby send  the share link of your file/folder. 3 Thats it! Files/Folders are being shared.

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Tech Tip: How to upload files to your system via Tonido Android app

1. Connect your Tonido Android app to the server, to which you want to upload your files.
2. After Successfully Logging in, Navigate to the folder that you want to upload to.
3. Now, look at the top right of your app and you will find settings button, click on it


4. Click on “Upload to folder” option, now you will have different options like Photo Library, Video Library, etc.


5. Click on the option you desire to and upload to the system.

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Tonido v now available

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Tonido Desktop Version 5.80 for all platforms, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux 32 and 64-bit, TonidoPlug and the Raspberry Pi.

The following list is the main set of changes for this release.

v – July 24, 2014

  • - Support for Raspberry Pi
  • - Support for Ubuntu Linux 64 bit (12.04 and greater)
  • - Fix crash when stopping movie playback during transcoding
  • - Mix of uppercase and lowercase guests is no longer supported
  • - Webshare: Share option to be removed for guest listings
  • - Webshare: Fix issues with sharing dialog
  • - Webshare: Single image shared to guest user doesn’t open correctly
  • - PHP Support has been removed
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Personal Cloud Tonido Launches App for Raspberry Pi – Instantly Access, Share and Sync Personal Files


New App for Raspberry Pi makes Private File Sharing and Data Privacy attainable by Everyone

AUSTIN, Texas, July 22, 2014 – CodeLathe, the leader in personal cloud, today launched Tonido App for Raspberry Pi that provides anywhere access to personal files stored in the Pi while enjoying the security, privacy and unlimited access. Tonido lets individuals’ access documents, see photos, listen to music and watch videos stored on storage devices (USB Drives, SD card) connected to Raspberry Pi. Users can now share their personal files and media without worrying about the privacy and security of their data.

“Tonido allows anybody to instantly create their own Personal Cloud while Raspberry PI is an embodiment of DIY movement. By combining both we have made data privacy and private sharing viable to everyone. We are delighted to bring Tonido to Raspberry Pi.” said Anis Abdul, CTO of CodeLathe.

Tonido offers users secure access to their entire collection of documents, photos, music and videos stored in Pi from anywhere without having to upload it to a public cloud service. Individuals begin by downloading the free Tonido server app on their Raspberry Pi and get the Tonido mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Employing smart LAN switching technology to use gigabit access speed within home LAN networks, the app safely connects users to the files stored on their Pi in seconds. Users can also access their files via Wi-Fi or mobile networks, backup their photos and videos from their mobile phones to their Tonido personal cloud, and download files for offline viewing.

“More than ever, internet users are realizing data ownership and privacy is no longer safe and secure in popular online services and they’re turning towards personal cloud services like Tonido for their remote access and sharing needs. Raspberry Pi’s low power footprint and affordability makes it an ideal platform for Tonido and now everyone can run their own Personal Cloud with ease,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe.

Tonido for Raspberry Pi Features

  • Access, Share, Sync files and media from anywhere
  • Automatic media indexing and organization of photos, music and videos
  • Automatic Smartphone photos and videos backup
  • Automatic multi-format music streaming and playlist support (including FLAC, OGG, WMA, MP3, and more)
  • Native Mobile apps for all the popular mobile OS’s (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry)
  • Plug- and-Play remote access. No fiddling with router settings
  • Easy to remember web URL access to your Raspberry PI
  • Available for both Raspbian and Raspbmc

For more information on the Tonido for Raspberry Pi app, visit:

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Tech Tip : Index Folders in Tonido

Indexing allows Tonido to search for certain file types such as Photos, Audio and Video and organizes them for different type of access. Once files are indexed, different clients such as the web browser, mobile clients can provide rich user experience in accessing those file.
Once a folder is set for indexing, Tonido server will scan the folders and will build an “index” of files based on their meta data. The folders will be rescanned periodically as well to detect changes to the files.

1. Click on “Add Folder to Index”2


2. Select the folder you need to index

3. Click on  “index now” button.


This will add  pictures, videos, and music files to music,photos and videos library.

4. To restrict photos, music or videos of the folder from indexing, Click on the edit button.edit






4. To delete an indexed folder , Click on the delete button


The indexed Folder will be deleted

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Tech Tip: Easy Editing of your Account password in Tonido Android app

If in case you have changed the password of your account then you can skip the step of recreating an account and follow this basic editing:
1. Open Tonido Android app and give a long press on the account you want to edit.


2. A dialog box opens with an option to edit or delete the account, Click on edit and then OK.


3. Edit and necessary changes and Sign in.


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Tech Tip : Create Or Change Application lock In Tonido Android App

To Create a Application lock :

All you need to do is,

Click on the settings icon that appears at the top left corner.



Click on the “manage application lock “.



Then Click on the “Enable Lock”




Draw the pattern to create application lock






Application lock is now created for your tonido app.


To Change the Application lock :

Click on the settings icon that appears at the top left corner

Click on  “Change Lock”.




Draw your old pattern




Now draw your new pattern and confirm






Your Application lock is now changed.


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Tech Tip: How to add Items to Favorites.

1. Click on the file/folder you want to add to favorites.

2. A small Pop up will appear to your right, now Click on Add to Favorites.


3. Either you can add items to default Favorite list or create a New list and add to it.


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Tech Tip : Create a Playlist In Tonido Android App

All you need to do is,

1. Play a song using tonido Android app

2. Click on “Add Songs to Playlist” icon. 1

3. Click on the plus icon in the dialog to create a new playlist and add songs to it or click OK to add songs to default playlist.


4. Enter the name of the playlist and click OK


Your new playlist is now created.

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