Private File Access, Sync and Sharing for Home and Business

No Uploading. No Storage Limits. No Privacy Worries.

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Access Your Computer Files and Media

Access, Sync and Share ALL your files, photos, music and videos on your PC (Win, Mac, Linux or Raspberry Pi) from anywhere using Tonido Server Software

Access your USB drives without a computer

Access, Sync and Share ALL your docs, photos, music and videos on USB and SATA drives using a TonidoPlug

For your business

On-Premises, Enterprise File Sync, Sharing and Mobile access solution for your Business using FileCloud

#1 Personal Cloud. Total Privacy.

“Total reliance on public online services is a bad idea, having control over your own critical data is good”
“There’s a whole plethora of places to keep your data online, but without getting too political, there’s no place like home, right?”
“I found the system worked as advertised. I had complete access to my files, over WiFi, 3G or LTE. I could view JPEG, GIF, PNG and RAW files. ”
“Tonido provides a good balance between eliminating reliance on cloud services that may be insecure, and user-friendliness that allows pretty much anyone with half a brain to use the service effectively.”
“You can enjoy that copy of Skyfall that you bought on iTunes and downloaded to your Mac while you’re unexpectedly delayed at the airport in Seoul for five hours.”
“Using Tonido on a server from my home, for example, I can remotely serve up audio media, share photos, run a blog, manage contact and calendar data.”